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A e-Range key has many benefits
An e-Range key is our maximum discount program


Pre-paid Maximum Discount Program
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What are the benefits?

Maximum Discount
Pre-paid and you save UP TO 20% on Range Balls

We are always open to e-Range key holders(sunrise-sunset), excluding during set mowing times.

Not a Membership
The value on the key never expires, carring over year to year. Plus, no annual fees.

What is the process?

  1. Come in during normal business hours OR you may purchase it online.
  2. Fill out a short application
  3. You're on your way to having fun and saving money!
  4. *if it's during the Winter period send us an email( ) and we can get you set up.

e-Range Ball Dispenser


Remaining balance on key...

The balance left on your e-Range key at the end of the year stays and rolls over to the following year. Yes, it's that simple. Your key balance doesn't expire.

Savings with an e-Range key...

Having an e-Range key offers a savings upto 20% on range balls, since you have pre-paid for your golf balls. Also, don't forget about the many other benefits which having an e-Range key provides!
The reason we selected this option is because it allows you to more accuretly and completly utilize the benefits of our facility in comparison to paying a high price for unlimited range balls and end up not using the membership to it's maximum.

Utilization frequency...

As long as there is a balance on your key you can get golf balls during your visit. It can be used multiple times a day/week/month. And, if you need to take a short break for an injury that's okay.

Taking a short break...

The balance on your key never expires,so if you need to take a short break for an injury that's okay. We'll be here when you're healed.

Gift an e-Range key...

Absolutely! Plus, an e-Range key makes an excellent gift for Mother's Day,Father's Day, birthdays, and employee appreciation. You can save time and purchase it online and you'll recieve a voucher, which you may mail, email, or hand deliver to the recipient.

Gift an e-Range key



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We apologize, however this fairway is being renovated at this time! Please check back in the future to see featured photos of New Post Golf Range.
If you have any questions please contact us via email