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20th Anniversary

Welcome to New Post Golf Range

"You deserve a family friendly golf range"
New Post Golf Range offers Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George and Caroline County with a great facility for practicing your golf swing. The driving range is 18 acres and 34 stalls of Country Club Elite mats (1-1/4" piling), allowing a true divot, and they even accept a wooden tee. We have a complementary artificial turf putting green that is 450ft2 with four flagged holes to use.

Covered Area
Practice year round under the area's only covered teeline!

300yds of Targets
Know where your ball lands, with yardage markers from 25yds- 300yds & four raised targets greens.

50K Golf Balls
2-piece balls, that get rotated out.

Want to give the gift of golf?

Golf Range Policy
  • Teeline is open until Dark
  • One person per mat at a time while swinging(it's for your safety)
  • Please don't pick golf balls up from the field/ in front of the tee line
  • Abiding by VA state law, we are an alcohol-free facility.
  • Pets are not permitted on the premises (unless a designated service animal)

  • Dress Code Our facility is focused on creating an environment for families and friends, therefore we ask that you wear:
  • a shirt
  • pants/ appropriate shorts
  • Front view of the pro-shop
    Complementary putting
    Plenty of space with 32 stall to pick from.
    Fully equipped tee-line, benches, tees & cup holders
    Only colored rubber tees in the region! One desinated color for each tee height
    Keep your short game on par with a target yrds out
    Photo Gallery

    Friendly, easy, and a great way to spend some 'man time!'

    Nice quiet place near fredericksburg. My husband took me and we loved it, we go almost every week just to relax and spend time together...
    -'s a fun family place and I highly respect the owner for proudly flying the American flag...


    Open Year Round

    The Tee Line is open until Dusk!

    Credit Card @ Ball Dispenser

    Visa/Master/Discover is accepted at the ball dispenser on the tee line during listed hours(unless power-outage).

    6AM- 8P
    *May-October, closes on Wednesday @ 7P- Thursday @ 10A for field maintenance.
    **Closed on Thanksgiving & Christmas day


    By appointment to purchase: Golf equipment, reload eRange, gift cards etc.

    Please, email
    Appointments not needed to hit golf balls.


    4 basket sizes of golf balls

    Our 34 mats (Country Club Elite) and winter ready covered tee-line line with four different height colored golf tees are open!

    Basket Size Mats
    Jumbo- 160 balls $21.50
    Large- 100 balls $15.00
    Medium- 70 balls $11.75

    ** Number of balls is approximate. **
    *Small basket is not available at ball dispenser.

    Don't have your own clubs?
    We have complementary range clubs for children and adults, left and right-handed to borrow.


    Having trouble controlling the flight path of your golf ball? We will be glad to help your golf swing improve. We offer lessons for juniors, adults and couples for both beginners and experienced players.

    Phone: 540.360.3969
    for an appointment.

    Adult Golf Training Junior Golf Training Pay Online


    Spotsylvania County Public Schools Massaponax Golf Team Special Olympics



    Photo Gallery

    We apologize, however this fairway is being renovated at this time! Please check back in the future to see featured photos of New Post Golf Range.
    If you have any questions please contact us via email